CLICK HERE for THE 2019 Johnson County Home + Garden Show Floor Plan

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8'x10' Booth  $1,220
10'x10' Booth  $1,299
8'x20' Booth  $2,440
10'x20' Booth  $2,598
20'x20' Booth  $4,716

Direct Sell Rate: ($150) per booth
Corner Fee: ($150) per corner
Exhibitor Listing: $99 (Required)
New Exhibitor Marketing Package: $100 (Required)

Deposit Schedule
33% with signed contract
33% payment due July 10, 2018
Balance due on October 2, 2018

Payment for Exhibit Space Includes

  • Draping: An 8' high back drape and 3' high side drape, for smaller and connected spaces.
  • I.D. Sign: A standard company identification sign, 7" x 44."
  • Exhibitor Badges: Four (4) badges for every 100 square feet of exhibit space, up to 20 badges maximum.
  • Complimentary Tickets: Ten (10) complimentary tickets for every 100 square feet of exhibit space, up to 25 tickets maximum.
  • Listing: Company listing in the Show Program, if space is contracted for no later than December 1.

Exhibitors are responsible for carpeting, tables and chairs within their exhibit spaces. Exhibitors can bring their own items, or rent them from the Show Decorator, George Fern Company. Electrical service, water service, telephones and internet services can be obtained from the Overland Park Convention Center. To order services, visit or call (913) 339-3000

What comes with my booth rental?

Unless you have purchased an island area, your space will have an 8' tall back-drape and 3' tall side drapes to define your area. The island areas are marked on the floor to allow you unlimited access and visibility from any direction. You will also receive a sign you can use to identify your booth.

Where do I arrange freight handling, carpet or other decorating services?
George Fern Co. is the show decorator. They provide material handling, storage, rental of carpet, furniture & displays, sign making, audio-visual equipment, floral service, cleaning service and other services to our exhibitors. You may arrange for services online at George Fern Co. or by contacting them at 816-221-0525.

Do I have to use Geo E. Fern to move my display or product?
No. You or your employees are allowed to bring your display in, set it up, and bring in you own literature and products. In many cases you can drive right up to your display space and unload your car or truck. If you ship anything (common carrier), or need outside help, you must use George Fern Co. to provide those services. Items shipped directly to the facility will not be accepted.

Where do I arrange electrical service and/or water & drain service?
Also, where can I arrange telephone and internet service?  Electricity, phone lines and Internet access can be ordered from the Overland Park Convention Center online at

Pre-ordering these items is less expensive when done in advance.

Where can I get information about Kansas Sales Tax?
The sales tax rate is currently 7.98%.  You can go to prior to the event, to make sure this figure has not changed.