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Overland Park Convention Center
6000 College Boulevard
Overland Park, KS 66211

Marc Gary Show Manager

Marc Gary
Show Manager

Marc first started with MPE in 2009 as an Exhibit Sales Consultant with the Indianapolis Home Show, the oldest home show in the country.  He now manages the four consumer shows in the Kansas City Market.  Prior to working for Marketplace Events Marc worked for FedEx, Compaq Computers and FC Tucker in sales roles.
A 2015 recipient of the Marketplace Events “CEO Award of Appreciation”, Marc holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Ball State University.

Phone: 816.931.4686 ext. 307


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Lucy Ferguson Exhibit Sales Consultant

Lucy Ferguson
Exhibit Sales Consultant

As an Exhibit Sales Consultant, Lucy works to provide the ideal combination of excellent customer service and attention to detail for her clients. Born and raised in the suburbs St. Louis, MO, she is a huge Cardinals fan and an even bigger Minnesota Vikings fan. She received her B.A. in Business Administration from Truman State University and has a background in sales from AT&T. She’s ready to work hard for you until the job is completed. 

Phone: 816.931.4686 ext. 306


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Curtis Brown Exhibit Sales Consultant

Curtis Brown
Exhibit Sales Consultant

Curtis joins us as an Exhibit Sales Consultant with an extensive background in Event Sales, Management and Marketing. He attended the University of Missouri and received his B.S in Hospitality Management with an emphasis in Conference & Event Management. His career has provided him with a number of experiences working with companies such as Live Nation, Groupon, Main Event & Enterprise. With his clients, he utilizes his unique experiences to build relationships in order to provide each with a service that is completely customized to their needs.

Phone: 816.931.4686 ext. 308


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Sherri Huffman
Operations Coordinator &
Exhibit Sales Consultant

Sherri joins us as Operations Coordinator with a background in catering management and training development. She brings her enthusiastic approach and artistic flare as a special finishes paint artist and designer, along with a passion for creating uniquely beautiful spaces.

Phone: 816.931.4686 ext. 304


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Ryan McCune
Show|Office Administrator

Ryan joins us as Show|Office Administrator with a diverse background including banking and office management.  His attention to detail and commitment to excellent customer service make him a great addition to our team.

Phone:  816.931.4686 ext. 305


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