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Capitol Federal® is a leading residential lender in Kansas and Missouri. For more than 120 years, CapFed® has helped customers realize the dream of homeownership. Whether you’re buying your first home, moving, refinancing or purchasing your dream house, our dedicated and friendly loan professionals are there to assist you through the entire loan process. Beyond that, at Capitol Federal, we work with you for the life of your loans, so we are always there to help. Visit to apply for a True Blue® mortgage today.

Capitol Federal is the proud sponsor of Make It, Take It at this year’s Johnson County Home + Garden Show.

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HomeAdvisor is an easy way for homeowners to find and connect with trusted home improvement, maintenance and repair professionals. We offer our homeowners a comprehensive suite of tools, products and services such as our patented Profinder, True Cost Guide, Instant Connect and Instant Booking. Access to all of the site’s features is free to homeowners, with no membership fees.

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Everyone’s talking about the new Sleep Number 360 smart bed. It knows, senses and adjusts to keep you both sleeping your best. It can even warm the foot of the bed on each side, to help you fall asleep faster. Does your bed do that?  If it doesn’t, it’s time you met the bed that does it all. Visit Sleep Number today.


Kansas City NARI, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, is committed to enhancing the professionalism of the remodeling industry and serving as an ally to homeowners. When you work with a NARI member you get an experienced, dedicated remodeling professional who adheres to NARI's Code of Ethics. Always ask your remodeling contractor...

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